Cape Cod Art Preservation Society

Working Artists We Love: Julie Beck

As those familiar with our group are well aware, the Cape Cod Art Preservation Society is all about retaining and promoting the classical art techniques and sensibilities that have been honed over centuries by great masters.

Artist Julie Beck continues and extends this vital tradition.

Applying the wisdom gained by the giants that came before us, Beck creates electrifying oil paintings that inspire an initial awe at their craftsmanship, but more importantly, invite repeated viewing and analysis.  These works accomplish one of the most important roles that art can play: convey what cannot be conveyed via words, music or any other medium.

Here is a sampling of her genius (for more, visit
They That Sow The Wind By Julie Beck

They That Sow The Wind

10 x 12, Oil on Canvas Panel

What can be said...this painting is perfection.

Avoiding the trap of hyper-realism, Beck achieves an accurate rendering while retaining a life and energy that make it clear that this is a piece created by passionate, human hands.
A Match Is Dropped By Julie Beck

A Match Is Dropped

28 x 38, Oil on Canvas

If it weren't for the modern firefighting equipment, you might think this painting was the creation of one of the Dutch Masters.

A thrilling use of light, shadow and color.
Pareidolia By Julie Beck


12 x 21, Oil on Canvas

This painting is thought-provoking and subtle all at once.  Unlike some modern works that crudely portray ideas with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, Beck's glorious painting makes you think about patterns and themes in a way that might stay with someone for decades.

We also love the proportions of this painting.  The ratio itself is intriguing.

To see some of Julie's work in person, visit:

Bowersock Gallery
373 Commercial Street
Provincetown, Cape Cod,  MA 02657