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Working Artists We Love: Gabe Fernandez

Anyone who has ever lived on, or visited, the Pacific Coast can sense the dichotomy of it. Coexisting with millionaires, billionaires and celebrities are artists and working-class families.

For every glamorous and glitzy mansion there are a thousand homes and businesses meeting the needs of everyday people who form the backbone of society.

Gabe Fernandez perfectly captures the unique vibe of "the regular guy" inhabiting Seattle to San Diego.

His snapshots of middle-class Pacifica are precise records of an amalgam of Alternative/Latino/Art Deco sensibilities that of late have been embodied in Morrissey's East L.A. fanbase.

We have chosen a few of our favorites to demonstrate Gabe's unique vision.
The Court Motel By Gabe Fernandez

The Court Motel

24.5 x 30, Oil on Wood

One thing we really love about this painting is the emphasis on the sky.

Like a great John Ford movie, Fernandez positions his subject on the lower third of the canvas so as to give weight to the great sky above. It gives a timeless quality to the image: that ancient watcher looking down on the vast array of individuals who have spent a vast array of nights within those walls.

North Portland Driveway By Gabe Fernandez

North Portland Driveway

18 x 24, Oil on Wood

It's the little details that really create the power of this painting.

The grass encroaching on the driveway.

The colorful little awning over the door.

The left fence that seems to defy gravity with its missing boards.

This painting is so suggestive that it could be the basis of a novel or a movie. Who lives there? How long have they lived there? Who visits here? What stories could that car tell? On and on...
Green White Car By Gabe Fernandez

Green/White Car

10.5 x 13.5, Oil on Canvas

Again, it feels like there is a story here.

The vintage cars - are the people who live here the original owners? Have they been in this house since the 60s?

There is no fence between the houses. Does this make them closer neighbors, or does it cause problems? Or a little of both?

And the beautiful flowers that line the driveway. Were they accidental, or deliberately chosen? And what does that tell you about the person who planted them?

A whole lifetime in one scene.

You can see more at Gabe's website: