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Ten Great Lighthouse Paintings

Lighthouses are a common subject for artists due their unique look and the serious task they perform.

We have picked 10 of our favorite lighthouse paintings.
Edward Hopper Lighthouse Hill Cape Elizabeth

Lighthouse Hill, Cape Elizabeth

Edward Hopper

This wonderful painting has all the hallmarks of a great Hopper painting: a masterful use of light and shadow, muted tones, dramatic composition, and a general sense of isolation. Seems fitting for the lonely life of a lighthouse keeper.
Highland Light By Robert Cardinal

Highland Light

Robert Cardinal

With this list we really tried to choose atypical lighthouse paintings. There is a certain vibe that artists gravitate toward when it comes to these structures, but we wanted to call attention to the more unique visions. Cardinal's painting gives off a dreamy, regal aura that beautifully conveys the idea of a vigilant sentry.
Nobska Lighthouse By Jeffrey Dale Starr

Nobska Lighthouse

Jeffrey Dale Starr

In this painting the Cape Cod painter gives a unique, skewed perspective of the famous Falmouth lighthouse. The shadows in the foreground create a nice contrast to the gleaming white of the light tower.
The Irwin Lighthouse Storm Raging By John Wilson Carmichael

The Irwin Lighthouse, Storm Raging

John Wilson Carmichael

Lighthouses perform a vital function, after all, and Carmichael's haunting masterpiece captures it majestically. You can just hear the crashing waves and feel the chilling wind.
Gays Head Lighthouse Marthas Vineyard By Christine Hopkins

Gay's Head Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard

Christine Hopkins

Here is a wonderful, unique take on a lighthouse by Christine Hopkins. The colors are electric and vibrant and fun. As a contrast to Carmichael's storm, this is a lighthouse on the happiest of days.
Sandy Neck Lighthouse By Mark Maritato

Sandy Neck Lighthouse

Mark Maritato

We love how tasteful and understated Maritato's painting is. The bluish grays and muted tones give a dignified and modest air to this lighthouse. Like most New Englanders, this loyal servant has no desire to toot his own horn.
Highland Light By Charles Hawthorne

Highland Light

Charles Hawthorne

A wild, wild painting in the best possible way. Instead of stoic and sterile, this painting feels alive and kind of crazy. It's paintings like this that give us confidence that in a digitized, mechanized, automated world the human element will always be the most valuable one.
Nobska Lighthouse Cape Cod By Julia Omalley Keyes

Nobska Lighthouse, Cape Cod

Julia O'Malley-Keyes

Just a gorgeous piece of art in every way. Such clean lines, perfect perspective, pristine color palette. And those clouds! Wow.
Nauset Light By Jerry Mulnix

Nauset Light

Jerry Mulnix

This piece feels like true Impressionism. Some modern Impressionists will feature aspects that are Monet-esque, but here Mulnix has created a true ethereal image. It's like the artist is trying to remember a magical, hazy summer from so long ago. Wonderful.
Race Light By Nancy Poucher

Race Light

Nancy Poucher

What especially made us select this painting is the color palette. The interesting use of pinks and purples makes for a nice pairing with the orange-golden sunlight that drives artists to love the Cape so much.