Cape Cod Art Preservation Society

In 2017 Cape Cod Lost Legendary Artist Geoffrey Mawby

Geoffrey Mawby

On July 22, 2017 Cape Cod and the art world lost one of its greats, Geoffrey Mawby.

Mawby had been an artist his entire life, working as a professional illustrator in New York City in his youth.  Later in life he moved to Cape Cod, and like so many artists before him, was compelled by the natural beauty around him to commit what he saw to canvas.

The kind of paintings Geoffrey Mawby created were exactly what the Cape Cod Art Preservation Society has always encouraged - beautiful, figurative works that stand on the foundation of centuries of artistic progression.

Mawby continued to create late into his 80s, and his work was as vital as ever.

He will be sorely missed.

Chatham Bars by Geoffrey Mawby
Chatham Bars

Moonlight, Watchung Glenn, NJ by Geoffrey Mawby
Moonlight, Watchung Glenn, NJ

Sunset Over a Winter Landscape by Geoffrey Mawby
Sunset Over a Winter Landscape