Cape Cod Art Preservation Society

Edward Hopper Fan Proposes Name for West Barnstable Pond

Great Egrets in the Trees, Hopper Pond, West Barnstable by Jeffrey Dale Starr With all the various bodies of water to be found on Cape Cod, it's not surprising that some of them have not been named yet.

But an unnamed pond became a challenge for Cape Cod artist Jeffrey Dale Starr when he completed a painting earlier this year.

"I didn't really think about it while I was creating the piece, but when it came time to title the painting I realized that I didn't know the name of the pond", he recently explained to the Cape Cod Art Preservation Society.

Starr then did some online digging to find out the name of the pond. Turns out, it didn't have one.

"I live in the old headquarters of the West Barnstable Brick Company. Apparently, the pond was created by accident: the dugout area was created by the brick company as part of their brick-making process. One day they hit an artesian well and the pit filled up with water!", he continued.

So Starr tried to discover how one goes about naming a body of water. He contacted the Barnstable Land Trust who informed him that there really isn't a formal process in place.

At that, Jeffrey decided to go an informal route.

"Google Maps allows the ability to submit a name for something unnamed on a map. Since Cape Cod Art is almost synonymous with Edward Hopper, I went into Google Maps and named the pond 'Hopper Pond'".

Time will tell whether this name sticks, but Jeffrey Dale Starr hopes it will.