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Cape Cod Maritime Museum a Hidden Gem for Art Lovers

Cape Cod Maritime Museum a Hidden Gem for Art Lovers New England in general and Cape Cod in particular are known for paintings, photography and numerous other forms of art.

When touring the Cape, many art lovers add galleries and museums to their agenda. But there is a hidden gem in Hyannis that many overlook: The Cape Cod Maritime Museum.

It's true that the museum features more than just artwork, but along with the historical artifacts, Boatyard Apprentice School, and educational exhibits the museum will also display amazing artwork.

One recent highlight was the John Stobart exhibition and lecture back in July 2017. For those who attended, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Like so many other artists, Stobart has found great inspiration in the majesty and vastness of the sea.  This sense of awe is reflected in almost every piece displayed by the museum.

So the next time you're making the rounds of Cape Cod museums and galleries, be sure to add the Cape Cod Maritime Museum to your list!

Cape Cod Maritime Museum
135 South St.
Hyannis, MA 02601